Troubleshooting webhooks

If you’re not receiving webhook events or aren’t getting notified all the events you expect, here are some things to check:

  • Verify that your secret challenge is matches the value in the Fullscript API Dashboard

  • Ensure you’re subscribed to the events you expect to receive, and that you’ve saved this configuration with the Save changes button on the dashboard.

  • Verify that your endpoint uses HTTPS with a valid SSL certificate. Our server verified your endpoint when you entered it. Check that the endpoint is still publicly accessible, and try resetting it from our dashboard to re-trigger the test.

  • Check with our deliveries endpoint to see if you missed any webhook events. The payload you get back includes information on how many times we attempted the event delivery as well as any response errors.

  • Ensure you have at least valid one user who has successfully authorized your application via OAuth, and their access token is not revoked. Users are able to revoke their token from the Fullscript Web App, so if you’ve suddenly stopped receiving events, verify that you still have at least one valid token.

  • Fullscript only sends the webhook event to your application if your user(s) authorized the correct scopes needed for that event. Check each webhook for a list of scopes needed.

  • Are you looking for the right events? While changes made via Fullscript Redirect (new and draft treatment plan links) and Fullscript.js trigger webhook events, events aren’t triggered for any other change your application does through the REST API. Handle changes you initiate without waiting for an event notification.