Product updated

The product.updated webhook is triggered when a product in the Fullscript catalog is updated. Specifically, when changes are made to the following attributes (note that a change to the description triggers product.description.updated instead):

  • name
  • dosage
  • recommended_amount
  • recommended_frequency
  • recommended_duration
  • format
  • additional_info


Scopes needed:catalog:read
Event payload:a subset of the product object

Event payload

"event_payload": {
   "event": {
     "id": "x5xxxxx8-92x7-4xxx-9x0x-345x404x94x1",
     "type": "product.updated",
     "created_at": "2018-10-16T04:00:00.000Z",
     "clinic_id": "xx7x357x-9x36-xxxx-x553-7x3xx398xxx",
     "data": {
         "product": {
            "name": "Vitamin C",
            "description_html": "Easy to swallow vitamin c capsules.",
            "brand": {
               "id": "x0x50x8x-711x-43xx-85xx-5xx80365xxxx",
               "name": "BioBrand",
               "prefix": "BIO"
            "variants": [
               "id": "xx2688x2-4303-4278-xx73-x7083x6146x1",
               "sku": "20xx9193488",
               "primary": true,
               "units": null,
               "unit_of_measure": null,
               "availability": "In Stock",
               "status": "available",
               "upc": null,
               "msrp": "19.99",
               "supplier_sku": null
            "dosage": {
               "recommended_amount": "10-60",
               "recommended_frequency": "four times per day",
               "recommended_duration": "as needed",
               "format": "drop",
               "additional_info": "with meals"