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Fullscript’s API bridges the gap between practitioners and integrative healthcare. We’re all about simplifying workflows. Our API is centered around our treatment plan tool and allows your practitioners to simplify the path to lifelong wellness by granting access to personalized treatment planning, active wellness support, and healthcare’s best supplements and wellness products. With a focus on developer experience, we hope that your journey integrating Fullscript inside your EHR (or other health solution software) is fast and effective.

When you integrate with the Fullscript API, you’re helping your practitioners expand their solution offering by enabling them to incorporate wellness and personalized care into their toolkit at scale. With our intelligent search function, 40,000+ products from more than 450 brands, and helpful adherence tracking, practitioners will be able to provide patients with the care they need.

Since Fullscript owns both the prescribing and distribution of all products in our catalog, we take care of the picking, packing, and shipping of products through contactless delivery. This way, practitioners can focus on what really matters — helping their patients with their wellness journey.

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