Missed and repeated webhooks

If your registered webhook receiving url isn’t accessible, we retry the notification up to 6 times with exponential backoff.

Repeated webhooks

Sometimes, you’ll receive more than one notification for the same event. This can happen if:

  • your application is performing complicated logic before replying with HTTP 200 or HTTP 201
  • your server is slowed by other tasks and can’t reply quickly enough
  • there’s a high volume of traffic that prevents your reply from getting back in time

Each delivery attempt includes the event_payload’s event id. If desired, you can keep track of the event ids your app has processed:

      "event_payload": {
        "event": {
          "id": "x5xxxxx8-92x7-4xxx-9x0x-345x404x94x1",
        . . .

The backoff period for message retries is 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 5 hours. If we don’t receive your app’s acknowledgment of the notification after the last attempt, we stop resending that notice.

Missed webhooks

If you’re having trouble receiving webhooks you can check with our deliveries endpoint to see if you missed any webhook events. The payload you get back includes information on how many times we attempted the event delivery as well as any response errors.

In the event that your endpoint is down for a while, you can use our Events API to see which events happened while your system was unavailable, or you can call the List all webhook deliveries endpoint to replay past webhook deliveries.

The deliveries call returns a list of webhooks events that were sent to you. It has a built-in filter for a specific date range, event id, or for messages that couldn’t be delivered. Be aware that only 30 days of history is kept, that you can search for ones.