Practitioner workflow planning

The basic practitioner workflow

Typically, integrations with Fullscript Redirect use a flow similar to this:

  1. The practitioner logs into your app and navigates to a patient screen with the Fullscript treatment plan integration.
  2. They click the Recommend on Fullscript button; a new browser tab opens.
  3. If needed, the practitioner signs in to their Fullscript account.
  4. The practitioner sees their Fullscript dispensary, opened to the same patient they were just viewing in your app.
  5. The practitioner creates, then activates a patient recommendation.
  6. The practitioner closes the Fullscript browser tab and goes back to your app.

This flow assumes the practitioner has authorized your application’s use of their Fullscript account and data. For more information on authorization, see the design discussion about authorization and our section on OAuth.

A very basic Fullscript Redirect integration stops at the list above. But there are many other ways you can integrate Fullscript with your app. Our REST API has a wealth of data available to improve the experience of practitioners and patients alike.

Extended practitioner workflow options

Here’s a list of great add-on experiences using our REST API. These suggestions keep practitioners working in your app and build a more comprehensive user experience.

  • Update your patient record screens with details of treatment plans created in Fullscript.
  • When displaying a patient’s record, list or display details of all their draft and active (or past) Fullscript treatment plans.
  • Include a button to let the practitioner edit an active or draft treatment plan.
  • Include a button that allows the practitioner to cancel a treatment plan.
  • Show the practitioner a timeline of supplement purchases made by the patient to facilitate conversations about protocol adherence.
  • Update patient information (records, supplement changes, etc) with updates that are made on Fullscript.

Read more about these extended integration options in Other useful info from Fullscript.

Patient workflow options

If your application includes a patient portal, take a look at these suggestions for improving the usefulness of your platform to patients using it:

  • Share the patient’s mobile number with Fullscript, allowing Fullscript to send automatic mobile messages (SMS) with treatment plan notices and refill reminders.
  • Add treatment plan list and/or details to the patient’s portal.
  • Add a unique “purchase now” button to the patient’s dashboard, visit summary, or treatment plans page. You can even use it in email notifications.

We’ve measured the success of these methods, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that adding treatment plan details to the patient portal is proven to increase plan adherence.

You’ll find implementation details for these options in Improve the patient experience.


There’s no checkout experience available via the API. The purchase now button redirects the patient to their Fullscript account for checkout. Our patient portal logic determines taxes and surface shipping options based on the patient’s location.