Integration options

You can decide which parts of the Fullscript practitioner experience you want to embed in your app. It’s OK to start with your MVP and iterate toward your final vision - the Fullscript Web App is always available to practitioners and office admins who need a feature you haven’t yet implemented.


Good to know: Some functions available through the Fullscript Web App aren't available through the API.

Choose one of our three main integration methods, or use a mix:

  1. Custom integration

    Leverage the Fullscript RESTful API to build fully custom practitioner experiences into your app. This includes developing the UX and UI for the features you choose to surface in-app. Common features include product search, product comparison, patient profile creation and maintenance, treatment plans, and adherence support topics such as patient order reports and syncing treatment plan data back to the patient record.

    This integration mechanism gives you the most control over the look and feel. It generally takes the longest to implement.

  2. Fullscript Redirect

    This integration method removes the heavy lifting of re-creating a treatment plan experience in your app. A special API endpoint lets your app open a new tab to the precise Fullscript context the practitioner needs: their current patient’s treatment plan page. The practitioner continues in this tab until the treatment plan is completed, then returns back to your application. Webhooks let you know what actions were taken, so you can update your app.

    This integration is faster than a completely custom integration and takes full advantage of the much loved Fullscript practitioner treatment plan experience. As a trade-off, this integration method causes context switching out of your app. See our Fullscript Redirect guide for more information.

  3. Fullscript.js

    A JavaScript library to quickly embed the Fullscript treatment plan tool (including the UI and logic) directly into your app. You can choose to place the Fullscript embeddable feature in a modal dialog or directly inline with other parts of your app. Practitioners get that familiar and much loved Fullscript experience without leaving your app.

    This is the fastest and easiest integration method we offer. See the Fullscript.js guide for a complete walkthrough.

    Currently we only offer the Treatment Plan feature through Fullscript.js, but our library is growing.

You’re not alone in this journey! We’re here to help with your design and any implementation questions. We have a team dedicated to making sure your integration is a success. For more information, get in touch with an implementation specialist through the Fullscript API Dashboard.