What is Fullscript?

Let’s start with a brief overview of Fullscript so you can see how it’s being used and where your integration fits.

Fullscript is a supplement dispensing platform and patient adherence tool.

For practitioners, Fullscript offers virtual dispensing via a complete catalog of industry-leading supplements and tracking for in-office supplement sales. For patients, Fullscript provides order fulfillment, shipping, and handles the related support and logistics.

Fullscript has two complementary web apps:

1. Fullscript Web App (for practitioners and office staff)

From this app, practitioners research, create, and review supplement treatment plans for their patients. They also have visibility into patient history and adherence to treatment protocols (such as how often the patient ordered their recommended supplements).

2. Patient portal

A web portal and communication system for patients. Patients can view their treatment plans and order the brand name supplements recommended by their practitioner. They can also set up convenience features like auto shipments for renewals and get refill reminders delivered to their inbox.

How does the API fit in?

The Fullscript RESTful API lets you embed our practitioner experience directly into your app.

For example, your app can include a “Create a Treatment Plan” feature that connects to the practitioner’s Fullscript account. Practitioners can search for and recommend supplements from the extensive Fullscript catalog, while staying in your app. When your app sends a new treatment plan to our servers, the patient is notified and can complete the order. Once the patient fills their order, our events system alerts your app so you can update their file for the practitioner.

UML style diagram depicting the interactions between the patient, practitioner, your application, and the Fullscript API

Integrating the Fullscript experience into your app streamlines the treatment plan process for your practitioners. As a result, they spend less time context switching, and more time with your app.